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Spader Ess

Ruter Dam's subprogram

Spader Ess - a combined leadership development and mentoring program for women who are at the beginning of their leadership careers. The aim is to help younger women develop more quickly into successful leaders within the organization and to gain a stable platform. Former Ruter Dam participants act as Mentors.



Target audience and criteria for participation in Spader Ess

Personnel responsibility

At the beginning of her managerial career

Ambition to continue developing as a leader within the company

Ca 30-40 years



Individual Mentorship 

Personal development

Values, motivation and driving forces

In-depth insight into Swedish business life

Organisation and culture

Communication, relations and networking 

Deep diving into external factors that affect business life

Female – male and power structures

Career planning and advice

The group creates a strong and long-term business network

Inspiration from business leaders

Leadership - including:

        - Sustainable leadership

        - Team och organisation

        -To lead in change


11 full days divided into a start-up meeting (with a focus on matching with a mentor) and 5 modules

The program takes place at a conference facility in central Stockholm

Group work in the evening in connection with the modules

Monthly conversation with Mentor

The seminars are conducted in Swedish

The purpose of the program is to contribute to

The participants' professional leadership development

To broaden the participants' relationships and networks

To strengthen the participants' self-awareness and security

To strengthen the participants in their continued career            

Price and application

The application deadline is April 22, 2024

The number of places is limited and the selection takes place after the nomination has closed

Price: SEK 69,950 excluding VAT


Program Days 2024/2025

Start-up: August 2024

Module 1: October 2024

Module 2: November 2024

Module 3: January/February 2025

Module 4: Mars/April 2025

Module 5: May 2025


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