– Anna Borg, President and CEO of Vattenfall

Anna Borg has been named Ruter Dam of the Year 2021 – an honorary award, awarded to the woman who has been promoted to the most influential management position in Swedish business during the past year.


- It is extremely gratifying to receive this award. Ruter Dam is an important business network and has definitely contributed to the fact that there are more female managers in the business world today than twenty years ago. It is a network that is highly vibrant, and ever-growing," says Anna Borg.



This year's Ruter Dam 2021 is awarded to Anna Borg, who since November 2020 has been CEO of Vattenfall. Anna has a long and successful career at Vattenfall where she was hired in 1999. One of the first jobs at Vattenfall was as Head of Strategy and Business Development for Vattenfall Trading and has since held various management positions at the company. During 2015-2017, Anna made a detour from Vattenfall to Klarna where she was Nordic manager, before returning to Vattenfall as business area manager and later CFO, in the years prior to when she was appointed CEO. Vattenfall was founded in 1909 and has approximately 20,000 employees. The company has 14 million customers and in 2020 net sales amounted to SEK 159 billion.


Anna Borg is a leader who is not afraid of change and who is passionate about leading the energy industry towards a more sustainable future. Since taking office, Anna has increased the momentum for Vattenfall to become a fossil-free company by, among other things, investing in renewable energy such as offshore wind power. Anna is inspired by leading in change and her leadership is characterized by courage, delegating and providing the best conditions for employees to do the best job possible. Anna Borg is a true role model and she being a Ruter Dam participant  in 2010, we are particularly proud of," says Marika Lundsten, CEO of Ruter Dam.


About Ruter Dam
 Ruter Dam is a management development and mentoring program founded in 1987. The goal is more female managers in senior positions in Swedish business. Since its inception, more than 1,400 women have participated in Ruter Dam's one-year program and a unique business network has been established. In 2017, Ruter Dam's sister program, Spader Ess, started. A program for younger women at the beginning of their careers where former Ruter-Dam participants act as mentors. Ruter Dam is characterized by business acumen, quality and results.


The Honorary Ruter Dam Of The Year award, is awarded each year and the selection process takes into account the size, turnover, number of employees and the female manager's degree of power and influence. The key words for Ruter Dam are business, quality and results. The award winner is appointed by Ruter Dam's CEO Marika Lundsten and the Board, consisting of Gunnel Duveblad, Heléne Mellquist, Karin Eliason and Eva Krutmeijer. Ruter Dam's Board of Directors continuously monitors appointments at the highest levels of management. At a jury meeting, the Board and the CEO decide which woman has been given the greatest responsibility during the year in terms of number of employees, turnover and total responsibility. 


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