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Who we are

Ruter Dam is a Executive Development and Mentoring program for female senior leaders, which was founded in 1987 by Gunilla Arhén who is now an honorary member of Ruter Dam's board. The aim is to improve the number of female managers reaching a high-level position in Swedish business. Since the beginning, more than 1 300 women have participated in Ruter Dam's one-year program and a unique business network has been established. The program includes lectures, networking and mentorship by both internal and external business leaders with the aim to develop strategic, operational and personal leadership.


After finishing the program, you have the opportunity to become a member of Ruter Dam's Business Network, which is available to everyone who has attended Ruter Dam. The aim is to create a professional business network through meetings and seminars such as exclusive invitations to visit companies to share experiences of business as well as challenges.


In 2017, Ruter Dam's subprogram Spader Ess was introduced. This is a program for younger women at the start of their careers where former Ruter Dam participants act as mentors.


The business is characterized by Professionalism, Quality and Results.

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