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  • Back to work mingle
    Tickets: 1,03 kr
    19 augusti 2021 | 15:30
    Östermalmsgatan 26A, 114 26 Stockholm, Sverige
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  • Tidigare pristagare | Ruter Dam

    TIDIGARE PRISTAGARE Årets Ruter Dam - Samtliga tidigare pristagare 2022 Liia Nõu , VD Pandox 2021 Anna Borg , VD och koncernchef Vatten 2020 Helena Helmersson , VD H&M-Gruppen 2019 Carina Åkerström , VD och koncernchef Handelsbanken 2018 Petra Einarsson , VD och koncernchef BillerudKorsnäs 2017 Susanne Ehnbåge , VD och koncernchef Netonnet Group 2016 Helena Stjernholm , VD Industrivärden 2015 Mia Brunell Livfors , VD och koncernchef Axel Johnson koncernen 2014 Sonat Burman Olsson , koncernchef Coop 2013 Lena Olving , koncernchef Micronic Mydata 2012 Eva Nygren , koncernchef Rejlers 2011 Eva Karlsson , VD SKF Sverige AB 2010 Ann Carlsson , koncernchef Apoteket AB 2009 Magdalena Gerger , VD Systembolaget 2008 Minoo Akhtarzand , generaldirektör för Banverket 2007 Signhild Arnegård Hansen , ordförande Svenskt Näringsliv 2006 Mia Brunell , VD AB Kinnevik 2005 Jeanette Söderberg , VD IKEA Sverige AB 2004 Ingrid Jonasson Blanck , vice VD i ICA AB 2003 Marianne Dicander Alexandersson , ny VD för Kronans Droghandel. 2002 vVD Annika Bolin , SEB med ansvar för 10, 8 Miljarder SEK. 2001 Marie Ehrling , Vice Koncernchef och ytterst ansvarig för SAS hela flygverksamhet. Övriga företag som fick hedersomnämnanden var Billerud, Kronans Droghandel och Telia för deras kvalificerade utnämningar av kvinnliga chefer. 2000 Maria Curman , VD Sveriges Television, Birgitta Johansson-Hedberg, VD Förenings Sparbanken, Maivor Isaksson, Chef Posten Service. 1999 Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken , som befordrade och utnämnde 14 nya kvinnliga makthavare under året. Övriga företag som fick hedersomnämnanden var Skandia med 7 utnämningar, ABB Sverige, SAS och Investor som utnämnde kvinnliga ledare till ledningsgruppnivå i moderbolagen. 1998 Sigrun Hjelmquist, vd Ericsson Components Marie Ehrling, Senior Vice President Station Services Division SAS Skandinavien 1997 Monica Caneman , stf koncernchef SE-Banken Marianne Nivert, vice vd Telia 1996 Maria Lilja , vd American Express Business Travel – Europé 1995 Elisabet Salander Björklund , vd Stora Timber 1994 Sigrun Hjelmquist , Vice President General Manager Ericsson Components och Margareta Hansson, regionchef Telia Nord 1993 Marie-Louise Wenander , direktör Återförsäkring Skandia och Anna Carin Busk, vd Sinser Luxemburg 1992 Peggy Bruzelius , vd ABB Financial Services 1991 Elisabeth Torsner , divisionschef Avesta 1990 Kerstin Stenberg , vice vd PK-banken

  • Om oss | Ruter Dam

    ABOUT RUTER DAM Ruter Dam is a Executive Development and Mentoring program for female senior leaders, which was founded in 1987 by Gunilla Arhén who is now an honorary member of Ruter Dam's board. The aim is to improve the number of female managers reaching a high-level position in Swedish business. Since the beginning, more than 1 300 women have participated in Ruter Dam's one-year program and a unique business network has been established. The program includes lectures, networking and mentorship by both internal and external business leaders with the aim to develop strategic, operational and personal leadership. After finishing the program, you have the opportunity to become a member of Ruter Dam's Business Network , which is available to everyone who has attended Ruter Dam. The aim is to create a professional business network through meetings and seminars such as exclusive invitations to visit companies to share experiences of business as well as challenges. In 2017, Ruter Dam's subprogram Spader Ess was introduced. This is a program for younger women at the start of their careers where former Ruter Dam participants act as mentors. The business is characterized by Professionalism, Quality and Results. RUTER DAM För kvinnliga seniora ledare, med målet att deltagarna avancerar till högre chefsposter inom sina företag. Read more SPADER ESS För kvinnor i början av karriären. Målet är att bidra till att yngre kvinnor snabbare utvecklas till bra ledare inom organisationen och får en stabil plattform. Read more AFFÄRSNÄTVERK Ruter Dams nätverk som är öppet för de som genomgått vårt 1-åriga chefs- och mentorprogram. Read more

  • Spader Ess | Ruter Dam

    SPADER ESS Ruter Dam's subprogram Spader Ess - a combined leadership development and mentoring program for women who are at the beginning of their leadership careers. The aim is to help younger women develop more quickly into successful leaders within the organization and to gain a stable platform. Former Ruter Dam participants act as Mentors. ​ ​ Program content TARGET GROUP AND CRITERIA FOR PARTICIPATION IN SPADER ESS Personnel responsibility At the beginning of her managerial career Ambition to continue to develop as a leader within the company Age approx. 30-38 years CONTENT Individual mentoring Values Motivation and Driving Forces In-depth insight into Swedish business Organisation, culture and structures Communication, relations and networks Female - male and power structures Career planning and personal development advice Creating a strong and long-term business network Inspiration from business leaders Leadership including: - Sustainable leadership - Team and organization - To lead in change ​ ​ APPROACH 11 full days divided into start-up meeting (with focus on matching with mentor) and 5 modules The programme takes place at a conference facility in central Stockholm Group work at night in connection with the modules Monthly conversations with mentor ​ ​ THE AIM OF THE PROGRAM IS TO CONTRIBUTE TO Younger women's professional leadership development Broadening participants' relationships and networks Strengthening participants' self-awareness and security ​ PRICE AND APPLICATION The number of seats is limited and selection takes place after nomination has closed . Price: 69 000 kr exkl VAT PROGRAM 2023/2024 Start-up: August 2023 Module 1: September 2023 Module 2: November 2023 Module 3: January 2024 Module 4: March 2024 Module 5: May 2024 ​ Please contact us via if you would like further information! ​ Kindest Greetings from us at Ruter Dam and Spader Ess ​ SAID ABOUT SPADER ESS FROM PREVIOUS PARTICIPANTS "I could never have imagined how much change can be achieved within a leadership program. I probably never realized what a positive effect it could have to meet other driven women, in exactly the same situation as myself. In a male-dominated professional world, I didn't understand what I was missing. I have met 30 unique women in different industries that I would never have met if it weren't for Spader Ess. I've always done well, but the truth is, I'm doing 30 times better now." ​ Marianne Stjernvall, Coop, Spader Ess 2 Marianne Stjernvall, Coop "I highly recommend Spader Ess and I can't emphasise enough how splendid the year has been. In the sphere of security that we jointly managed to form during the program, I have been challenged on many different levels. This has made me stronger, both as a leader but also on a personal level. The community of good advice and the network of amazing, inspiring women I will carry with me and cherish for life." ​ Jenny Felldin, Tieto, Spader Ess 2 Jenny Felldin, Tieto Jenny Felldin, Tieto No posts published in this language yet Once posts are published, you’ll see them here. Fler referenser

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