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Many thanks for the Ruter Women's Day of the Year 2023

This year's Ruter Dam Day had the theme " Change - for the world, business and the individual ". The opening speaker was Christian Levin - CEO Scania and CEO of TRATON Group, who spoke about Scania's work with the transition to sustainable and circular business models, among other things. Anna Stellinger - Head of International and EU Affairs - Swedish Business, led us through how the geopolitical situation affects us all and how we must relate to it. Anna Felländer - CEO and founder, anch.AI, reasoned about responsible AI. Nebe Almayahi – CEO and founder Teint, talked about the importance of inclusion and diversity to create relevant, attractive and innovative companies and that it is everyone's responsibility to act. We also got to listen to the world's first professor of Happiness, Micael Dahlén , School of Economics, who shared his thoughts on how we should respond to our troubled world, what affects us and how we can find happiness within ourselves.

Finally, we met the Ruter Dam of the Year 2023 , Nina Jönsson, CEO at ICA Gruppen.

Moderator for the day was Lydia Capolicchio , journalist, producer, editor and writer.

After a fantastic day together, we ended the Ruter Dam Day of the Year 2023 with our valued business mingling and enjoyed bubbles, food and live music from the Cecilia Runolf Jazz Quartet . The highlight of the evening was a personal conversation between our guest of honor Helena Stjernholm, CEO Industrivärden and our moderator Kattis Ahlström.

Many thanks to everyone who participated and filled the Grand Hotel premises with a real Ruter Dam spirit! Check out some pictures from the day below. More photos from the evening will follow shortly.

Photographer: Karina Ljungdahl


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