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Congratulations Klara Svedberg, RD18, for her new position as Vice President Corporate Development!

Tell us about your new job and what the new position entails? As Vice President Corporate Development, I lead an in-house team with experts in M&A and business development who support Alfa Laval's growth strategy. We work closely with the group management and Alfa Laval's business area managers to identify new growth opportunities and primarily drive inorganic growth through acquisition activities and support smaller investments and strategic partnerships. To support this work, we connect Alfa Laval with external ecosystems such as potential sellers, buyers, private equity firms, banks and entrepreneurs to find the right opportunities to accelerate Alfa Laval's strategy. We also drive the process from idea to transaction.

What challenges are you facing? Alfa Laval's technologies are critical for our customers to have the opportunity to reduce their climate footprint and create sustainable solutions for the future. We operate in three industries; Marine, Food & Water and Energy. These are all industries with a great opportunity for positive change and which are in an incredible shift, with transition to new energy sources, optimization of energy use and to manage the results of the impact we are already seeing on climate and nature. The challenge in this is that we need to invest in several new technologies in parallel, and it is more difficult than ever to be sure what will win in the long run, and we therefore need to be more flexible in how we look at our growth models. That's where I believe partnerships, early investments and buy-outs of new innovations will play a big role in accelerating our ability to succeed!

What do you do to get energy at work and in your free time? In speech and nature, it is also what gives me the opportunity to charge my batteries. I do that just as much with a walk on Österlen's beaches as on sunny ski slopes in the Alps. Always together with family and good friends, food, music and lots of hearty laughter!


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