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Company visit at Munters

Artificial intelligence (AI) was the theme when we visited Munters last week!

During the visit, we got an insightful insight into the different ways AI can be used to transform companies and societies. We received tips and concrete examples of how AI and these technologies can be used and solve complex problems in various industries. Munters presented, among other things, how they have implemented and work with AI in their operations, from smart production processes to predictive maintenance and customized solutions.

We also discussed ethical issues surrounding AI and its impact on the workforce and society at large, as well as the future prospects for AI and how this technology may shape our world. The possibilities are almost unlimited - from the automation of tasks to the development of innovative products and services that were previously unthinkable.

Many thanks to Klas Forsström, CEO and CEO and to everyone involved at Munters . Thanks also to all of you who participated with wise questions and insights.


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