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Company visit at Autoliv

The day began with hearing about Autoliv's journey. An innovation that started in 1953 with the Lindblad brothers' quest for safer driving through the "Life Belt". We got an insight into Autoliv's research and product development around seat belts, steering wheels and airbags as well as their vision and future. The research means that Autoliv's products save an outstanding 35,000 lives per year, but they are working hard towards their goal of saving 100,000 lives. The deep dive into Autoliv's focus on unprotected road users and airbags outside the car was also an interesting part of our visit. It's an exciting product area that we look forward to hearing more about in the future.

Finally, your "More Lives Saved" philosophy truly permeates the entire company, and it is inspiring to see how this motto drives Autoliv's actions and decisions at all levels.

Many thanks to everyone in the team at Autoliv, Mikael Bratt , CEO, Cecilia Sunnevång, Vice President Research & CEO Autoliv Development AB, Anna Sundberg, Head of Operations at Autoliv Mobility Safety Solutions, Gabriella Etemad, Senior Vice President Communications at Autoliv and Henrik Kaar , Director Investor Relations, for the educational and insightful afternoon we had during our visit with you. Your passion, expertise and dedication to promoting safety and saving lives was clear and inspiring to us all. Thanks also to everyone who came!


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