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Preeti Nagarajan, Ruter Dam 2017, new Head of Global Customer Unit Vodafone at Ericsson

Tell us about your new job

I started as Head of GCU Vodafone at Ericsson about a month ago. It’s been really exciting to take responsibility for Ericsson’s business with Vodafone across Europe, Middle East, Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. I’m looking forward to driving innovation with Vodafone, while making sure Ericsson as a technology leader supports Vodafone in the best possible way in their journey towards building sustainable networks for the digital societies of the future, while providing the best digital customer experience and creating new growth opportunities in enterprise and B2B.

What challenges do you face?

The biggest challenge right now is having to begin the new role virtually! It has been really important for me to get to know all the key team members in both the Vodafone and Ericsson teams, and I’m looking forward to meeting them in person as soon as possible. Understanding and evaluating the underlying business realities is a really important first step and I have received a lot of insights and feedback that we will jointly refine and bring to life in partnership with Vodafone through our Strategy and Operational and Business ambitions. This will be my priority in the coming weeks and months.

What do you do for energy at work and in your free time?

I usually start my day with a run to get energized for the day, and outside of work I like to give back to the fantastic community I live in, so I am the administrative coach for my children’s floorball team. One day I may even learn the game and join them in a match of parents vs kids!

I am also passionate about helping to increase diversity and inclusion within the technology sector. With a family myself I know how important it is to inspire the next generation and I like to get involved with initiatives that help to break down any barriers in the technology sector.

I am a keen supporter of Ericsson’s ‘Connect to Learn’ program, which brings 5G into the classroom to encourage young students to incorporate STEAM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) into their studies. Also, as a senior female leader, I am a big advocate for gender diversity initiatives, and I enjoy using my energy and own industry experiences to coach and mentor young female colleagues towards their next steps on their career path.


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