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Ruter Dam visit to ABB in Västerås

Yesterday, Ruter Dam's Business Network was on a company visit to ABB. ABB was founded over 100 years ago, under the name Asea and has an astonishing history of entrepreneurship, technological development, innovation and workers' struggles.

We started the visit to their Robot Center, where companies can come and try out which robot solution is best for them. Initially, we got to see an entertaining and inspiring robot show, with robots in action up close. During the visit, we got a deep dive into ABB's business that touches on areas such as: Robots, electrification, motors and energy efficiency, e-mobility, movement, sustainability and process automation.

We got to take part in lectures that aroused thoughts and inspiration with a pervasive sense of ABB's focus on innovation, people and always being close to its markets.

The program was rounded off with ABB's President and CEO, Björn Rosengren. Björn talked about his own personal journey and shared his thoughts on how to keep the entrepreneurial feeling and energy in the company:

1) Give people full responsibility

2) Always be transparent

3) Maintain speed

This thinking permeates ABB's operations, as all divisions have their own responsibility and full decision-making power.

Many thanks to ABB for letting us take part of your fantastic journey and your goals ahead and thank you to everyone who participated and presented inspiring lectures: Björn Rosengren, President and CEO ABB, Dennis Helfridsson, Linda Wennberg RD22, Susanne Timsjö RD20, Jesper Lundstedt, Catrin Östman, Eva Kvist-Östgren RD07, Åsa Granli, Vibeke Gyllenram RD23, Emma Brimdyr and Peter Malm.

Thanks also to everyone who was there and contributed with wise insights and questions and filled the room with a true Ruter Dam - spirit!

For those who want to know more, there is a theater performance about ABB's history: "Here comes the future" The first 100 years with ABB

Take a look at pictures from the visit below!

Foto: Bo Lundvang


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