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Network meeting for Ruter Dam's Board of Directors with Sven Törnkvist, Head of Digital på EQT

Yesterday we met together in Ruter Dam's Board Group where we got to listen to our guest speaker Sven Törnkvist, Head of Digital at EQT. The topic of the evening was "Digitalisation, AI and IT security - a hot issue on the board's table."

During the evening, we got to take part in a rewarding presentation from Sven, who explained, among other things, how the digital transformation contributes to the business development of EQT and the portfolio companies. Sven also shared concrete tips on how to raise these issues on the board table for the best impact. Something that is becoming more and more important to highlight because a digitization strategy with a clear connection to core operations is crucial for most companies' long-term competitiveness.

The conversation continued afterwards with interesting questions, thoughts and insights. Many thanks to Sven for everything valuable you shared with us in Ruter Dam's Board of Directors and thanks to everyone who participated with wise input and a lovely atmosphere! Please take a look at all the pictures from the evening below.


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