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Network lunch in Malmö with Linda J Lilliesköld

Yesterday we met together for a networking lunch in Malmö where we got to meet Linda J Lilliesköld who works as Wealth Manager at Formue and who also runs the podcast Women Who Own.

During the lunch, Linda shared, among other things, that we see that female ownership of companies and entrepreneurship is increasing (albeit slowly) and about how important it is to highlight successful female entrepreneurs as role models from various industries. This is also something that Linda does in her podcast. The idea of the podcast is to inspire to follow your dream; to create and build their own agenda, opportunities and ultimately to control their own life. Linda also shared her experiences from Formue, where she works with holistic advice regarding clients' financial lives and helps clients set a plan for their wealth and ownership.

Many thanks to Linda for a very interesting and inspiring networking lunch and thanks to everyone who participated on site!


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