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Congratulation Annika Rådeström, RD14, Business Area Manager at Customer Success Unit at Microsoft!

Tell us about your new job and what the new position entails? I will become the new business area manager for the Customer Success Unit at Microsoft Sweden and will be part of the Swedish management team. I will focus on building partnerships with Microsoft customers to ensure they realize maximum value from their investments in technologies such as Cloud, AI and security. There are great opportunities linked to innovation and digitization in all industries. I believe that partnership and long-term collaboration are success factors for exploiting the possibilities of technology and I will support Microsoft's customers in their digital transformation.

What are your driving forces? I am driven by innovation, change and driving business development through the use of new technology.

What do you do to get energy at work and in your free time? I enjoy spending time with family and friends and enjoy all types of travel, from city weekends to ski trips. I also like to exercise, mainly yoga, and being in the family's summer house and reading books.


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